• Rebecca McTavish

So, what is good feng shui, anyway?

In my quest to understand this ancient Chinese philosophy used in interior design, I did some research.

Directly translated, “feng shui” means “wind and water”. Simply put, it is a belief that how objects are placed in a room affects the flow of energy in a space and the comfort and well- being of its occupants.

Without getting complicated, you can create good feng shui in your environment. Here are some ways to begin:

Create a tidy and simple entrance to your home with neatly trimmed bushes and plants. Remove any trash and cut the grass.

Polish your windows until they gleam.

Each day, make your bed and open your curtains to allow sunshine into your bedroom, even if you aren’t planning to be home all day. The light freshens the room, and it will be soothing to the

eye and to the soul to return there in the evening.

Place an area rug over a bare floor in the bedroom to soften the space.

Create additional space throughout your home by decluttering. To begin, choose a corner or an entire room and remove what is no longer necessary.

Add plants, such as lucky bamboo, jade, a Boston fern, or cactus because they bring energy and vitality to your environment. Incorporate elements of water, wood, and earth tones in your design materials.

Consider the path you take through your home as you go about your daily routine. Is there anything in your way, that slows you down or irritates you? Over time, remove or repair those obstacles, whether it is a rug that can trip you, or a door that sticks.

There are serious experts of feng shui, but for the rest of us, simplicity, cleanliness, and comfort are the greatest considerations.

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